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Monday, September 6, 2010

Interview Tomorrow!

Most of you already know this, but tomorrow I am headed to Osceola County for an interview at Deerwood Elementary. The school is in the Poinciana (Polk County) / Kissimmee (Osceola County) area and it's probably at least a 45 minute commute. However, their beginning pay is about $2,500 a year more than Polk, so that would pay for gas for sure. I have a friend I worked with at Discovery Academy when I first moved to Florida who has taught at Deerwood ever since we both left Discovery, which has been 4 years now. She has been giving me a good reference to her principal, for which I am grateful. I am going to leave the house at around 7am to get there in plenty of time for my 8:30 interview. I will bring a book or just play around on my iPod Touch until it's time for my interview. I guess I am starting to get a little nervous about it, just really hoping I get this job! I have pretty good feelings about it, but I had good feelings about Brigham and that didn't happen, so I am just trusting the Lord to have His way with it. And He has already given me the sense that if I do not get this position there is something better out there for me. However, I also have the sense that I am going to get this one. We'll see what happens.
Friday night the college and career class at church gave an event they called "Chivalry is Dead - Hence this Event!" We were only told we were going to be shown chivalry, Greg was going to cook for us, and to wear our nicest dresses. I am not normally an attendee of C/C events, but I thought this one sounded fun and it's not like I try to stay away from these events either. I wore the black dress I bought for Andrea's wedding with a fun red headband Helen suggested. I arrived at the church and was met at the doors by Nathan, who escorted me to my table with a group of other ladies. He held my chair for me and welcomed me to the event, at which time Reagan came and introduced himself as the MC and went to fetch our drinks! The boys spoke in hushed tones, stayed off to the side but at the ready to attend to us at our every whim, serenaded us with music and guitars, led us in some praise and worship music, and just did an all-around good job at making us feel so special and revered! It was beautiful!
The following day I helped my Young Marrieds class (I attend because all my friends do) as they helped Sara and Brian move into their new house. I was basically the box breaker-downer. It was an important job and pretty perfect for me! No heavy lifting, which was good, and I kept the flow of everything moving pretty well. I went home, got cleaned up, and went to Hannah's house for a bit. We watched a movie, then I went home because I had yet to finish River's scrapbook. Can y'all believe she turns 2 next weekend?! I didn't have a lot to do for it but it took me a little over an hour to complete. I will add pages to that book next year probably because there aren't tons of pages in it. We will see, though. After I finished that it was time to go back to the church for a Young Marrieds Sunday School class potluck! I like to go to as many social outings as possible, hence the title of this blog! I brought Paula Deen's Bayou Banana Puddin' and it was yummy! I think it's going to be my contribution from now on. It's becoming my specialty at least. Sunday was a good day at church. I went out to lunch with the Gebhardt's and they came over afterward. Corey looked at my treadmill and diagnosed it with some mechanical problem so I'm going to try to sell it on Craigslist.
Sunday night everyone was trying to figure out what they wanted to do after church. I asked Nathan if he could help me move my treadmill out to the side of the road (we later decided to try to get something for it on craigslist), and he suggested he come right over and everyone could come and play games and we could eat pizza! It was a great idea and we had a wonderful time! I was perfectly content with this of course because we never do stuff at my house! It was a blast!
I have not done a whole lot today - working on laundry a bit, got the treadmill listed on craigslist, and OH! I did get to skype Helen for over an hour! She lives in Northern Ireland and I really enjoy her! Someday I will get there and visit her and her family. I got to chat for a few minutes with her mom Linda, and that was really fun! I tried to get them to hug but it didn't happen. There's always something to work towards! But I just love Helen! She's going to be a lifetime friend I am sure! Hopefully in the next year I will get there for a visit. I think Helen gets to come back to Florida for a visit in January, which will be so wonderful! Can't wait to see her again!
So that pretty much catches you up! Pray about my interview and I will hopefully fill you in whenever I know something. I am going back to Tallahassee Thursday for a nice long weekend to celebrate River's birthday. I haven't been for 6 weeks, which is the longest I have gone without seeing her since she's been born! I've done that 2-3 times but normally get there every month. I get to missing her soooo much! And it's usually worse the first couple of weeks after a visit because I get so used to seeing her. I might try to get my hair trimmed while in Tally at the same place I went for my birthday. Check facebook for the latest pictures as always!!!!


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